Benefits and Universal Credits - Reaching Communities funded service

We are extremely pleased to tell everyone that our Welfare Benefits and Universal Credits work remains a core feature of what we do. Our thanks go to Reaching Communities for enabling us to continue with this work with a three-year grant. This program will now run until July 2026. These are some of the things we can do: –

  • Helping you apply for Personal Independence Payments either as a new claim or a re-assessment
  • Helping you with completing work capabilities assessments
  • Setting a Universal Credits account. In some circumstances we can manage and monitor this account for you.
  • We can help you appeal against a decision about your benefits that you think is unfair. If you decide to go to tribunal with your appeal, we can help you with that.


However, this time around there is a difference. Having completed a five-year program of benefits support work we found that there were lots of other areas of financial support, linked to benefits, that people required help with. The new program will allow Beam to help you with all of these other linked areas. Examples of this are attendance allowance, housing benefits, council tax and blue badge applications.

This program now comes in two parts. The welfare benefits support work will be used as a gateway introduction to ensure more people with learning disabilities are able to have a much-improved connection with their local community and the opportunities within it.

Within our group of customers this program will improve your ability to develop relationships of all kinds in all places. You will have a better understanding of those opportunities that exist within your community, know how to use them and understand what suits you. We want you to have a much-improved positive attitude. We want you to contribute to the way your community works through positive and meaningful interactions with places and people.

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