Benefits and Universal Credits - a Reaching Communities funded service

The implementation of The Social Welfare legislation, particularly the introduction of Universal Credits, has had a devastating impact on the way in which many of our clients apply for, are assessed for, and receive disability related benefits.
In August 2018, Beam was successful in applying to Reaching Communities to deliver a project that helps people with learning disabilities when faced with changes with their benefits arrangements.
It involves activity in two main areas:
1. The challenge and changes to benefits entitlement
2. The introduction of Universal Credits Examples of the type of benefits activity we will help with are:

  • Helping you apply for Personal Independence Payments either as a new claim or a re-assessment
  • Helping you with completing work capabilities assessments
  • We can help attending DWP assessments
  • Setting a Universal Credits account. In some circumstances we can manage and monitor this account for you
  • We can help you appeal against a decision about your benefits that you think is unfair. If you decide to go to tribunal with your appeal, we can help you with that
  • We can help attending DWP assessments


Universal Credits

We can support you with an application to Universal Credits. We will explain to you want this benefit is and how it works. We will help you to monitor it yourself if you think you can or help a family member to do this.
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